Currently the most advanced packaging on the market.


With automatic packaging machine CM-VNS-01 your product will be packaged organic, quick, efficient and customer friendly. Allow the customer to feel your product.

The device with the use of Elastic Staples and machine with two needles mounted and staple your product. It gives you the relationship between the executive and packaging products while ensuring a minimum proportion of packaging waste. With adjustable spacing needles (10-60mm) you can pack the various forms of products.


Key Features and Benefits:

- Great flexibility
- Virtually invisible elastic staples
- Customer-friendly packaging
- Environmentally friendly packaging
- Lower cost of production and materials
- Reduction of the packaging to 99%
- High customer interaction with the product before purchasing
- Quick and easy to use
Increase productivity, reduce the cost of packaging and reduce excess packaging.
The Variable Needle System device can pack the product in half a second. Its speed surpasses all manual methods of packaging as well as packing with blister packaging. Such packaging reduces the proportion of the package up to 99% as the weight of the elastic staples almost 0.05 grams.

Elastic staples and VNS machine is an excellent alternative for a variety of ties, blister packaging, steel staples, tapes and other conventional packaging. Effective onto the cards various items such as kitchenware, toys, tools ...

These elastic staples can hold the weight of the product 1.7 kg per staple, you can nicely packaged socks, towels and various mats, door mats, tools, toys, kitchenware, wooden products, brushes, metal products, etc.


If you would like to receive a free sample of your product packed with VNS, please contact us and we will prepare a free presentation and testing of Elastic Staples on your products.

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