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Family company Stular plus d.o.o. is one of the leading european companies in labeling,
marking and packaging products. After many years of experience in collaboration with leading
global corporations Avery Dennison, we offer complete solutions in eco-packaging, labeling
and consumer products labeling. Technology and innovation is always in step with global trends.
We are a reliable business partner with high integrity.

Considering the past and previous excellent work on the labeling, marking and packaging,
the family business Stular plus received high recognition "Premier Business Partner" by Avery Dennison Group.


Our mission is to provide high expertise of its employees and the quality of our products
and services customers with innovative and comprehensive solutions in the labeling, marking and packaging.

Our mission is:

Communication with customers is crucial because we want to know and understand their desires, needs and abilities.

With new technological and organizational solutions and working closely with manufacturers
to improve productivity, competitiveness, creativity and employee satisfaction.

We monitor the sector`s development at home and abroad so we are able to adapt needs
of its customers with dynamic speed, high quality and at an affordable price.

Financial Responsibility!
Since the establishment of company despite the crisis situation we are in the market to keep
a high credit rating companies (8/10) which rated us among the most high quality companies.

Staff Training!
With the constant upgrading of our staff are creating a team of experts
capable of solving even the most demanding challenges.



Due to extremely favorable location of the seat and company storage, European monetary policy
and Slovenia as members of the European community we want to become a leading supplier of labeling solutions
for the whole Europe. This will be achieved by focusing on the customer companies in all areas of work
and maintaining their loyalty, and by setting standards of quality and innovation for application solutions.


Year 1989 / start
Family business Stular was founded in 1989 when Zoran Štular opened workshop for sewing machines. His extensive experience in the past gathered at the top foreign and domestic companies.

Year 1994 / expansion and new location
Opens the specialized trade and service for sewing techniques at a new location. The same year Miha, his older son joined the company who took over the management and marketing in the company. A wide range of the products and excellent sales service services bring the company into one of the best in sewing techniques in Slovenia.

Year 2000 / new partner Avery Dennison
Due to high demand for labeling of products the company decides to open new section for the sale of devices for marking products. The family company enters into a business relationship with the top american corporation Avery Dennison - Fasteners Division and becomes the authorized dealer. At the same time joins to the company younger son Tomaz Stular.

Year 2004 / establishment of the company Stular plus Ltd.
Due to the size of the firm had merely transformed into a company Stular plus Ltd..

Year 2005 / new partner Fischbein
As the largest provider of various systems for attaching and packaging the products, agreed to cooperate with the company Fischbein, the manufacturer of sewing, sealing, hot air, gluing, and bag handling systems.

Year 2009 / business transformation and specialization

Due to unique market opportunities for closer cooperation in the field of sewing techniques with foreign European company, a part of the company joined the group. Stular plus is strictly directed to the commercialization of labeling and packaging solutions.

Year 2010 / On-line store successfully launched
We are present a new online store with the purpose of approaching global customers in the area of labeling, marking and packaging products.

Considering the past and previous excellent work on the labeling, marking and packing the family company Stular plus received high recognition "Premier Business Partner" by Avery Dennison Fasteners Division Group.


Year 2015 / New, improved on-line shop for even better experiance
We are proud to present our new on-line shop with special futures which makes on-line shopping more user-friendly

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