How to search

The main page offers weekly promotions, campaigns and news.

You can search in three ways:

1. Search product through the menu on the left side

In the menu on the left side you choose way of labeling. If there is an arrow before a word means that this group is also the choice of sub-sites (eg>Tagging).

When you select a method of marking, you develop all the products in this group. In the menu on the left side are you on the selected sub-group occurred (eg Pistol Grip Tools, needles, Standard Fasteners, Fine Fabric Fasteners,...). To facilitate the search for the desired article can select on the left side is a subset (eg, Standard Fasteners).

Now I have experienced all the products from a subset (all Standard Fasteners). The following sub division is well on the destination: Economy range, Blue box, Hooks, etc.. Click on this sub-group will be fully narrowed the range of products: so you will appear for example. Economy range

Once you find the desired item, you can:

* Change the quantity by clicking on the arrows (click on > increasing the amount, click on ‹ decrease amount)

* Download item in your basket

* Click on the article title more carefully read all information necessary to view the gallery of this product below and view the related items in this group and what we recommend.


* Also check sections "Recommended", "Similar products", "Video presentation", etc.

Some shop items you offer quantity discounts listed below cost product. By clicking on the percent discount, the quantity of articles related to you automatically transferred into your cart.

2. Quick search. Write in search engine what would you like to tag or pack.

On our side you have the available search engine, which is located on the top. The search engine write what mark and we will offer the best solution for you.

Example: If you are a manufacturer of socks and want to show the oz. packaged socks write in Search: socks. Press "Enter" or click the> and the program will offer the best way of labeling. Of course, here is some important materials used (cotton, silk, leather ...) as well as after different labeling schemes.


3. Search method: Find your industry (banner on the left side)

Click on left banner "Find Your Industry" and look for your group product you would like to tag or pack. After chosing you product the system will automatically recommend products for manual ar automated tagging or packaging.

Did not find what you were looking for or looking for solutions in the labeling?
Contact us or call us and we will help you.


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